Toshiba - 6 Slice Convection Toaster Oven - Stainless Steel



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  • 型号: MC25CEY-CHSS

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Make morning toast the way you like it, from lightly browned to crispy dark and every shade in between. This Toshiba 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven features exclusive Accu-Timer technology. With Accu-Timer, selecting the preferred shade is easy, simply turn the top knob to Toast and the bottom knob to the desired shade and toasting will begin. When your toast is ready, the toaster will beep and the power will turn off. The convection fan allows hot air to circulate throughout the oven. This results in even baking and browning. Food cooks faster with convection, and you can generally set the oven at a lower temperature.
FeaturesMulti-FunctionalBake, broil, pizza, toast, bagel and preheat to fulfill a variety of cooking needsEven BakingThe powerful convection fan circulates warm air throughout the oven for fast, even cookingAdjustable RacksThere are three different rack positions to accommodate a wide variety of foodsCool-Touch HandlesHandles stay cool and prevents possible burnsLarge InteriorThis toaster oven has enough space to cook up to a 12-inch pizza


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